Year Round Junior Programs

Year Round Programs


The Year Round After School Program is a class in which not only participants work on all facets of their golf game, learn the Life Skills of The First Tee, but also develop many athletic skills and movements that are critical to becoming an athlete and a more coordinated golfer. This program is special, in that children can come to the course and participate in class for up to three days a week!  Whether a child is a beginner or intermediate golfer, stations are set up in a manner in which all skill levels can practice at their ability.

Golferships are also available for families with financial hardship. Contact Rob Seney at 916-451-6240 or at for more information or to apply.

Class Ages Price Days Time
Spring Semester After School Program
5-17 $249.95 January 24 – May 18 4:00 – 5:30pm
Spring Semester – Friday Supervised Practice
$50 Discount for students registered in Spring Semester After School Program
5-17 $149.95 January 27 – May 19
(Skip April 28)
4:00 – 5:00pm
Fall Semester After School Program 5-17 $249.95 August 15 – December 14
(Skip Thanksgiving week)
4:00 – 5:30pm
Fall Semester – Friday Supervised Practice
$50 Discount for students registered in Fall Semester After School Program
5-17 $149.95 August 18 – December 15
(Skip Thanksgiving week)
4:00 – 5:00pm
Weekly Drop-In Rate
5-17 17.95   4:00 – 5:00pm

PLAYer Life Skills: Respect for Yourself, Others and your Surroundings, Courtesy towards Others, Responsibility for the Course, Honesty of PLAYers, Modeling Sportsmanship, Developing Confidence, Using Good Judgment, Playing with Perseverance, Living with Integrity.
Par Life Skills: Introducing Yourself, Respect, Meeting and Greeting, Having Fun While You Learn, Keeping Your Cool and Personal Par.
Birdie Life Skills: Dreams and Goals, Positively Stating a Goal that is Important to You, Stating Goals Specifically, Setting Goals that are Under Your Control, Goal Ladders and Dealing with Challenges.
Eagle Life Skills: Staying Well for Life, Building a Go-To Team, Appreciating Diversity, Dealing with Conflicts, Be a Go-To Person, Planning for the Future.
Ace Life Skill Projects: Making Golf a Lifelong Sport, Exploring Careers and the Employment Process, Giving Back; Serving as a Mentor, Exploring Education Options.

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