Land Park Weekenders Women’s Golf Club

History of the Club

Land Park Weekenders is an associated member of the PWGA, Pacific Women’s Golf Association. The club is one of the oldest women’s golf clubs in Sacramento. The club has weekly tournaments that are held on Saturdays, February through November. Click here to visit for more information.

Main Benefits for Joining

What makes our club unique is the diversity of our members, the variety of their golf skills and most of all, their ability to have a good time regardless of their score.

How to Join the Club

New members will be accepted into the club based on their general knowledge of the golf rules, etiquette, their pace of play and ability to play ready golf. The club has no handicap requirements.

Prospective new members must play as a guest of the club with a board member. The board member will assist and advise the prospective member of club procedures, golf rules and the importance of a quick pace of play. Upon completion of the round the board member will report to the board as to whether the prospective member meets club criteria.

Click here to email the Starter, Sylvia Roach, to set up a guest date and tee time.

Schedule of Events

Click here to go to for the current schedule of events.