Golf for Newbies

At William Land we are ready to help you start your journey to become a Golfer!

Where do I start?
• Visit the Maloney’s Grille and enjoy a meal on the Patio
• Spend some time browsing in our Pro Shop.

Do I need to have golf clubs?
• Not necessarily! If you’re not yet committed to jumping in, we have rental clubs for a $30 fee you can use to “get the feel” of hitting a golf ball on the range or putting on the practice greens. (ask in the Pro Shop)
• We also have boxed sets of clubs – everything you need to get started at afford- able prices. No need to guess what’s best for you – a golf professional will work with you to get you fit for the right clubs. (ask in the Pro Shop)

How do I start to learn the game of golf?

This program is designed to introduce brand new golfers to the FUN-damentals of golf. It will help to remove any barriers keeping a potential golfer from joining the sport. Participants are introduced to the golf facility, learn about etiquette, rules, booking tee times, equipment selection and basic, simple instruction.

Golf 101
This program is all about FUN and is geared around learning the key FUN-damentals needed to improve your game. Both short and full swing techniques are covered as well as other key segments of the game to get you ready to play on a course. Beginning golfers, frequent golfers and former golfers are all encouraged to enjoy this experience.

Private Golf Lessons
Meet with one of our many established golf professionals to schedule a time for a game assessment session at so you can review your goals for your golf game. Whether you’d like to spend 30 minutes, an hour or an extended amount of time on the course, we have a plan for you!
Although there are many options in terms of group learning lessons and private lessons, we also offer the ability to customize your own individual or group session. Whether it’s friends, co-workers, with a spouse or by yourself … our team has the ability to map out a specific program to fit your needs with scheduling, coaching or growth opportunities.

For More Information on any of these programs, clinics or classes contact our Pro Shop at (916) 8081207

How do I find other golfers to play with?

Women’s FUN League
This golf group is designed to create a supportive environment for women who may be new to golf! The focus is on fun and socializing with others, not on competition. All skill levels are welcome
THURSDAYS: Play 9-holes of golf and walk: $20.00 Putt only and walk: Free! Play 9-holes with cart: $28.00 MONDAYS: Play 9-holes of golf and walk: $18.00 Play 9-holes with cart: $25.00 If you don’t have clubs, let us know ahead of time and we’ll provide a complimentary rental set.

Contact Jane Brown, Women’s Ambassador at William Land Golf Course. Click HERE ( to email Jane, call 916-808-1207, or join the Meet-up group – meetup/william-land.

• Land Park Golf Club
Land Park Golf Club 9 or 18 hole play, NCGA membership and GHIN membership & many other benefits

5 Home Clubs
Ladies Fun Group plays 9 holes Thursday mornings
Land Park Golf Club plays 9 or 18 holes one Saturday a month
Land Park Weekender Women’s Golf Clube plays 9 holes on Saturday
William Land Women’s Golf Club plays 9 holes on Thursdays
Men’s Senior Golf Club plays 9 holes on Tuesdays

For specific contact information for any group, reach out to Curt David at

Let us be a resource to help you find answers to FAQs like …

Question: Is there a dress code?
Answer: No, there’s no specific “code” like a private course will have. Just be sure your clothes give you ‘room to move’ as you swing the club. You will want to wear comfortable soft-soled shoes (like tennis shoes) if you don’t have golf shoes. The newer golf shoes look and feel a lot like tennis shoes, but have different soles that give you better traction.

Question: Is everyone welcome to play?
Answer: yes. There are different rates for playing 9 or 18 holes. There are special discounted rates for ‘seniors’ and ‘juniors’ as well. Be sure to ask about the City Play Card that provides discounted rates at all the City golf courses – Haggin Oaks, Bing Maloney, Bartley Cavanaugh and William Land Park.

Question: How do I get on the course? Do I have to make a tee time?
Answer: Making a tee time is always the best thing to do. If you come to the course and “hope” to play without a tee time, you might be disappointed because there may be no openings or a big tournament might be going on.

You can set a tee time on our website HERE or call the Pro Shop at (916) 808-1207. But if you’re here already, just stop in and ask at the desk. Our staff is always ready to help you.

William Land Golf Course is a great “teaching and learning” course. There are five sets of tee boxes so you can start closer at the “forward” tees to make your first few rounds a little easier. You don’t need to play from the furthest set of tees.