Golf Instructor Bios

  • Tyler Brown, General Manager and PGA Professional

    Tyler Brown was born in Ventura County but has been serving the golf industry in Northern California for over 14 years. He was the Head Golf Professional at Saddle Creek Resort and Granite Bay Golf Club prior to joining the Haggin Oaks team.

    Tyler believes firmly in providing the appropriate level of instruction based on the student’s desired outcome and willingness to invest. “It really comes down to satisfaction. Goals and objectives are different with each player; some wish to be a competitive, single digit handicapper while others simply wish to get better so they can enjoy time on the course with friends or family.” While the fundamentals may not change, the direction and volume of information will vary for those two players. Tyler works with each player to identify challenges and opportunities within their golf swing. He focuses on building a foundation for the golf swing through proper Grip, Stance, Alignment, and Posture, but also believes that not everyone is built the same and therefore, should not be asked to swing the same. He works to help players of all ages and skill levels build a repeatable swing that produces measurable and desirable results on the golf course.

  • Joseph Storbakken, PGA Professional and PGA Director of Player Development

    Joe Storbakken started playing golf when he was eight years old in a small town in Northwest Iowa called Sibley. As a young boy he loved playing sports, but he took a special liking to the game of golf. He was extremely lucky that he grew up two blocks from his local nine hole golf course, which helped to develop his strong passion for the game. Throughout high school, he worked on the maintenance crew at the golf course and was fortunate enough to win the Iowa High School State Championship in golf his senior year. At this time, he realized that he wanted to pursue a career within the golf industry.

    Once Joe graduated high school he attended Methodist University in Fayetteville, North Carolina. In 2017, he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing along with a concentration in Professional Golf Management. Throughout Joe’s college career he did multiple internships at different golf facilities. He has interned at Des Moines Golf and Country Club in Des Moines, Iowa, Grand Geneva Resort and Spa in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and finally he interned at Haggin Oaks. During his last internship at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex, Joe found his niche within the golf industry and that is junior golf.

    Joe has a love for working with children and young adults and he has combined it with his passion for the game of golf. He wants every child to have the opportunity to experience golf in a positive and fun environment. When teaching children, Joe is a firm believer in letting kids experiment with different techniques and letting them be themselves, while at the same time gradually instilling other techniques that may help them to be more successful. He understands that by guiding his students, they will have a greater capacity in their comprehension, and more importantly, their own love for the game. Joe values and believes in the power of continuous learning and wants to make sure that every golfer he works with has as many opportunities as possible for them to be able to reach their goals with the game.

    Joe is a PGA Professional and PGA Director of Player Development for Bing Maloney and William Land Golf Courses